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Updates Through September 16

Crews have now completed paving of Roslyn, Cumberland, and Melrose east of Warwick Road.  Underground work will resume on Melrose west of Warwick next week.  Once crews complete installation of the Storm Sewer, the road phase is expected to begin.

Updates Through August 1st

Berger is set to begin the Road Phase on Cumberland from Warwick to Abbotsford on Tuesday 8/2.  During this time, vehicles will not be permitted on Cumberland Avenue.  Access to Roslyn will remain at the intersection of Warwick and Cumberland.  It is anticipated that the road phase will begin on Melrose from Sheridan to Warwick on August 8th.  Once the utility companies confirm they have relocated their equipment the Village will notify Residents of the start date.

Updates Through July 22nd

The utility companies ensured the Village that they will have their equipment relocated on Cumberland Avenue by the weekend so that the Village can commence the Cumberland Road phase on July 25th.  However, the Utility companies once again failed to meet their deadlines and have caused a further delay to the Roadway phase.  More updates to come as the utilities provide an updated schedule.

Updates Through July 12th

Roslyn Road has been reopened to local traffic. The Intersection will remain closed to through traffic to prevent contamination of the new roadway while adjacent streets are under construction.  Sod will be placed on the parkways later this week.  Residents with parkway sprinkler systems should have them installed before Thursday the 14th to prevent ripping up the new sod. The contractor expects to begin the roadway phase of Cumberland from Abbotsford to Warwick on Monday, July 18th but is awaiting confirmation from all utility companies that they have relocated their underground infrastructure.  Weather permitting, the Cumberland Closure should take roughly four weeks to complete.

Updates Through July 7th

Due to the storms on July 5th, Roslyn Road and Cumberland east of Warwick will now be paved on Monday, July 11th. After paving, curing of the asphalt will take approximately 48 hours before vehicles can drive on it.  As a result of this delay, Cumberland Avenue from Abbotsford to Warwick will not be closed on Monday.  An updated schedule will be given to residents on Cumberland early next week (week of 7/11) and posted here so that residents can plan for the closure.

Storm sewer will continue to be installed on Melrose west toward Cumnor.  Parkway work will also commence on Melrose the week of 7/11.

Updates Through June 8th, 2016

Crews have completed installing all new water mains in the project area.  Most residents in the project area have been switched over to the new main via a new copper service to the parkway.  Storm sewer work is continuing along Cumberland Avenue and is currently up to Cumberland and Warwick.  Storm sewer has already been installed on Melrose from Sheridan to Roslyn, and all of Roslyn as well.

The road work phase on Roslyn has been temporarily delayed so that utility conflicts underground can be resolved.  As soon as all utilities are relocated, the Road Phase will begin.  During the roadway period, access to driveways will be restricted.  The Village will sign nearby areas for parking specifically for residents who do not have access to their driveway.

Cumberland, Roslyn, Melrose Pre-Construction Meeting

The Village has held its pre-construction meeting with Berger Excavating, Terra Engineering and Bleck Engineering on March 10th.  A tentative project schedule is now available under the schedule section of this website.  Work is expected to begin on March 21st.

Updated Draft Cumberland, Roslyn, Melrose Plan Set

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November 4, 2015 ·

The Public Works Committee held a public meeting on Wednesday, November 4th at Village Hall to discuss potential construction plans, review the updated Cumberland, Roslyn, Melrose plan set, and to take questions from residents.

A postcard was sent to all residents living on Cumberland, Roslyn, and Melrose areas notifying them of the meeting.

To view the updated Draft Cumberland, Roslyn, and Melrose Plan Set, please click HERE.

Project Complete

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August 22, 2014 ·

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this project!
The work is now complete with only minor clean-up remaining.

  • Asphalt and roadway work are now complete.
  • The new watermain improvements have been installed bringing increased water pressure to homes in the project area.
  • Sod placement is now complete for the entire project. Please be aware that wooden stakes were placed near the roadway edge to discourage vehicles from parking on the newly placed sod. These will be removed once the sod has taken root.

Tips for initial sod maintenance:

  • Please use care when mowing as the sod is still taking root.
  • For best results, refrain from mowing for a week and then mow at a high setting with a lightweight mower.
  • Once sod has taken root, normal maintenance can resume.

Once again – thank you for your patience during this project.

Project Update – Sod Maintenance Tips

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August 20, 2014 ·

Sod has been installed for the permanent landscaping and the contractor is watering it daily.

  • Please use care when mowing as the sod is still taking root.
  • For best results, refrain from mowing for a week and then mow at a high setting with a lightweight mower.
  • Once sod has taken root, normal maintenance can resume.

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