The Kenilworth 2023 Infrastructure Improvement Plan represents the recommendations of two engineering studies that were commissioned by the Village to investigate infrastructure problems and recommend solutions.

In 2010, the Village asked Hampton, Lenzini, and Renwick, Inc., (HLR) to investigate the Village watershed areas and sewer system to determine what could be done to reduce flooding problems. They recommended separating the combined sanitary and storm water system in specific areas. This study focused on more immediate sewer and storm water improvements, which will cost an estimated $10 million in repairs and upgrades to our system.

In 2012, Baxter & Woodman, Inc., Consulting Engineers focused more on long-term infrastructure needs and developed a ten year capital improvement plan incorporating sewer drainage, water, and roadway improvements. The projected cost of this ten year plan is $15 million.

Village staff worked with Baxter & Woodman to combine the recommendations of both plans to form the Kenilworth 2023 comprehensive ten year plan. This program is designed to be carried out in three separate phases over the course of ten years for a total projected cost of $23.7 million.

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