go to link At the January 2013 Village Board meeting, the Kenilworth Board of Trustees unanimously approved an ordinance placing a public question on the ballot for the 2013 General Election to authorize selling bonds not to exceed $9.75 million. This bond is intended to implement the first phase of a plan to address necessary repairs to our sewer, water and roadway infrastructure.

Seroquel 300 mg On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, Kenilworth residents will see the following referendum question appear on the ballot:

  • “Shall bonds in the amount of not to exceed $9,750,000 be issued by the Village of Kenilworth, Cook County, Illinois, for the purpose of paying the cost of water, sewer, and related road improvements within the Village, bearing interest at the rate of not to exceed 4.0%?”

click To read the Village President’s Message on this bond referendum from Mr. Steingraber, please CLICK HERE.

Recognizing that all of the infrastructure work cannot be completed immediately, the Kenilworth Board of Trustees have established two priorities for immediate attention – reducing basement flooding and improving fire hydrant flow capacity.

Flooding problems have been experienced by many Kenilworth residents in recent years, partially due to having a combined sanitary and storm water system in the areas east of Green Bay Road. Recent engineering studies have found that the sewer system east of Green Bay Road is undersized and unable to handle storm water demands during heavy rain events, resulting in basement and roadway flooding. These studies found the following sewer connections are undersized for the following catchment areas:

  • Oxford Road 676% under capacity
  • Melrose Avenue 482% under capacity
  • Kenilworth Avenue 319% under capacity
  • Abington Avenue 164% under capacity

Increasing the capacity of the sewer systems in these areas will help mitigate flooding problems.

For more information on our sewer system, please CLICK HERE.

A large percentage of fire hydrants in the Village are also demanding attention and are included in phase one of the infrastructure plan. The Winnetka Fire Department has discovered the following after testing each of our fire hydrants:

94% of fire hydrants (44 out of 47) west of Green Bay Road deliver less than the recommended 1,000 gallons per minute.

38% of fire hydrants (24 out of 63) east of Green Bay Road deliver less than the recommended 1,000 gallon per minute.

For more information on our fire hydrant capacity, please CLICK HERE.